Procurement performance management

Procurement Services

Our procurement software facilitates a set of procurement policies that govern the selection of suppliers, products, and the methods and procedures for communicating with the suppliers. Businesses, for example, frequently have established procedures for soliciting and evaluating proposals.

Our procurement services cover the following areas:

  • 1. Identifying customer and supplier needs

  • 2. Choosing and preparing communication tools and processes with suppliers.

  • 3. Requests for proposals and requests for quotations.

  • 4. Developing criteria for evaluating proposals, quotes, and suppliers. These policies address how the procurement process relates to a company's identity and brand, in addition to fairness. If a company, for example, has positioned itself as environmentally conscious, its procurement policies must reflect this stance. It also streamlines the purchasing process.

  • 5. Send RFQs to your suppliers automatically based on stock levels. Procurement rules based on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, and other factors can help improve purchase and inventory performance. Depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies, choose different replenishment methods for each product.

  • 6. Our procurement software also caters to Supplier price lists & product availability.

  • 7. Use the best prices to make wise purchasing decisions.

  • 8. Import price lists and references from suppliers easily to make better purchasing decisions based on promotions, quantities, and special contract conditions.

  • 9. Keep track of product availability in your supplier's inventory and check the status of your order from within the app. You can even base your sales price on the prices of your suppliers with purchase bids.

  • 10. The cheapest option is to negotiate directly with the vendors.

  • 11. Launch purchase tenders, incorporate vendor responses into the process, and compare offers.

  • 12. Choose the best offer and easily send purchase orders. After that, use reporting to evaluate the quality of your vendors.

  • 13. You can also use a Blanket Order agreement to purchase goods from a supplier on a recurring basis for a set period of time at a predetermined price.

  • 14. The software also allows the company to Get information about your purchases.

  • 15. Analyse, forecast, and plan your orders efficiently.

  • 16. Get accurate statistics on your suppliers' performance with flexible reporting: delivery delays, negotiated price discounts, quantity purchased, and so on. Integrate purchases with analytic accounting to assess the profitability of your contracts.

  • 17. It also manages a number of businesses. Save time and energy. Create sales orders for all companies at the same time, share customers, suppliers, and products, and manage invoices. Even more, time can be saved by automating the invoicing process for all of your suppliers.