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We are the hub of professionalism. We are glad to have you here! PLOPHRIT Inc offers the following services:

  • Logistics Services

    Transportation, Storage, etc.

  • Procurement Services

    Energy, Stationary, Construction, Agriculture, Fashion, etc.

  • HR Services

    Employeeyees recruitment, Payroll management, Fringe benefits management, etc.

  • Financial Services

    Audit, Financial Management, Business registrations, Business advisory, etc.

  • IT Services

    Software development, web development, Database management, etc. We have ER Software that's a one-stop shop for all your business operations’.

Strategic sourcing

Mission and Vision

Going beyond the expectations of our customers to provide the best services in their business operations. We seek to be the number one choice for our clients and a global leader in business software while exceeding market expectations. Our fundamental principles entail the following:

We are constantly innovating to keep our stakeholders happy.

Our most valuable assets are our client's satisfaction.

Trust exists between the rest of the world and our company and forwards into the future.

We are accountable to the heart of our operations, both internally and externally.

Our employees' perspectives and opinions are crucial to our organization's success.

Procurement automation



Logistics, procurement, finance, human resources, and information technology services are well known and noted to be the powerhouse of any company's operations. PLOPHRIT Inc. is present in all African countries and concisely provides IT solutions to companies and small businesses in handling logistics, human resources, finances, procurement, and IT solutions. We provide efficient services that are essential for all your business operations. We do consult in the aforementioned disciplines using high technology that ranges from collecting and processing data through our ERP software. We provide companies and businesses with all the necessities required in their day-to-day operations; including HR services such as employee recruitment and payroll management, fringe benefits management et Al.

Our inventory management, vendor management, project management, and HR software are a one-stop shop for all your business operations.

We develop software as per your requirement and at the same time with an option to subscribe to our existing ERP software for all your business operations.

We do procurement and logistics in the following sectors: Energy, Agriculture, Stationery, Fashion, Construction, et Al.